Snowgum Homes

Snowgum Homes specializes in constructions and installation of Granny Flats or Dependant persons. We will design, obtain permits, construct and deliver a living option to suit you.

Granny Flat from Snowgum HomesThe most common asked question by our customers is "Can i get a granny flat on my land or in my backyard?". Well if you are in Victoria then the answer is yes. We will obtain permits for you from your local council so that you can rest assured that you are able to place one of our homes on your land.

One of the main advantages of a Snowgum Home is that all our homes are completed in our factory. This means that your home will be completely built at our facility by qualified tradesmen and builders then delivered to your site and installed within a day, saving you the hassle of having noisy builder working all day for months on end at your home.

Our granny flats are completly removable (unlike some) so if circumstances change it can easilly be removed from the property and moved to another. This also allows customers to eassilly obtain permits in areas where they normally could not.

For more information about our Granny Flats and transportable homes please contact us